Hi! I’m Tiddles, a tuxedo cat. I’m extremely handsome. Everyone tells me that so I’m not just saying it! 😾 I live in Western North Carolina with my hooman servant, the Fat One. Like all hoomans, he is slow and difficult to train but (mostly) tolerable.

I write my diary to document the travails I have to traverse daily in my life.

Mike, my hooman IT servant, has put this blog together for me. He is slow and lazy. Often, he doesn’t respond to my emails and requests within the required 5 minutes! And he always wants money. As if serving me isn’t honor enough!


Howdy! I’m Mike. I’m an IT guy living in Leicester, NC with my two cats, Cotton and Teddy. Tiddles is a nightmare to work with. He is imperious, rude, demanding and impossible to get money from. If you do business with him, get the money up front!