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Mike is transitioning to becoming a full time writer! He will now be able to finally focus on publishing the first in my series of books and audiobooks. As it should be!

You can help support this process by signing up for a small monthly donation using Patreon, the premier way to support content creators!

My Patreon page is at Tiddles’ Diary on Patreon.

There are two tiers of support to chose from:

  • $3/month – Tiddles Supporter – You like what I’m doing and want to help out!
  • $5/month – Tiddles Insider – You love my stories and want to know more!
    Insiders receive a monthly email newsletter full of Tiddles’ facts, behind the
    stories details, and a flash fiction (300 – 800 words) written from other
    characters’ POV.

    Think of the stories Momma Nancy has to tell! Or the whoppers our  favorite oafish, tubby orange tabby, Fred will relate! Better fact check those.

    The first newsletter will be sent the first week of September.

Don’t worry! My diary entries and memes will continue to be, as always, free for your enjoyment.

So if you want to help, please consider a monthly donation. Help support feline content creation!

And a big thank you for viewing my work! Your kind words and reactions are the fuel that drives my creativity!

Many purrs,




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  1. Mike, you have a great talent. I would love nothing more than to be a regular monthly supporter but right now I am ashamed to admit that I am well below poverty level financially. In time if things get better I will sign up for a monthly contribution.

    Please let me know when you are published.

    [email protected]

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